Ethical procurement and purchasing

Ethical purchasing and/or procurement policies aim to promote good labour and environmental standards in supply chains. Many charities have introduced ethical procurement policies.

What do ethical procurement policies include?

Policies typically set out

a) the standards which the organisation abides by, and 

b) the standards which charities require from their suppliers, their agents sub-contractors, and sometimes also governments and communities.

Charity Buying Groups

There are a surprising variety of options to look at when considering purchasing products and services for your charity.

Purchasing networks operate on the basis that they can negotiate volume discounts with suppliers and then pass these on to charities, in return for a small percentage of the price. Some organisations offer discounts with suppliers as a benefit of membership. Be aware that anybody can call their company a "buying group" and claim to provide items at discounted prices.

Relocating your Charity - Key Considerations

Relocating to new premises is a major undertaking. Before you start your property search, here are some of the main points you should consider:

Before you start - Your space needs, now and in the future:

How do you think your charity will change over the next few years? Will it grow or shrink? Will you deliver your services in a different way? Is your charity going to implement flexible working? How might your space requirements change?