Personal safety (travel/international operations)


This meeting will look at the issue of personal safety in relation to travel and international operations.


  • Duty of care
  • Travel risk assessments - participants are invited to share
  • International travel & working overseas
  • Travel risk policies and training
  • Systems for communicating in emergencies


Dan Boswood, Senior Risk Advisor at travel consultants International Location Safety (ILS).

Dan delivers risk advisory projects to clients in the UK and the field. Prior to joining ILS, Dan worked as a Global Security Officer for Voluntary Service Overseas, and has extensive experience from his time in the British Armed Forces and maritime security. ILS works globally with NGOs, Academic Institutions, campaigners and media groups to develop resilient organisations who can ensure they meet their duty of care, even in the most challenging environments.

Andrew Gill, Facilities Manager/UK Lead on Health & Safety, Tearfund

We will also have a tour of Tearfund's offices and learn about their f.m. operations.

This meeting is free for members of the Charities FM Group.

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UK employers have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of their staff while they are at work. This duty of care continues when staff are required to travel abroad, and may also apply when staff are in transit.

Many charities undertake activities in countries around the world, and their staff may be required to travel abroad on a regular basis. This may involve travelling to, and working in, areas with relatively high risk levels. 

To  meet their duty of care, charities should undertake risk assessments, including for international travel. 

Who does it?

Managing travel risk may fall to facilities managers as part of the wider topic of  corporate risk and security.  Overseas offices may also be an f.m. responsibility.

In some organisations, travel and staff welfare may be managed by human resources, in-house travel managers or  external consultants.  Ultimately, the Board of Trustees should sign off policies relating to personal safety and travel risk, and all stakeholders should work together to ensure that staff and stakeholders can stay safe. 

Meeting details

Date: Tuesday, April 9th, 2019, 2 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Venue: Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington TW11 8QE

Cost: Free for Charities FM Group members

Book your place: click here to sign up via Eventbrite

Travelator: relative motion by Pete, Creative Commons via Flickr


Dan Boswood, Senior Risk Advisor, International Location Safety

Andrew Gill, Facilities Manager/UK Lead on Health & Safety, Tearfund

Our thanks to Tearfund for hosting this meeting.