Manage your membership

The Charities FM Group is a voluntary organisation. That means we have limited resources for administration - and we rely on our members keeping their contact details up to date.

Not sure if you are a member?

Check our directory of member organisations.

Not getting emails?

We hold regular meetings and send out a newsletter via the Mailchimp newsletter service. If you have not heard from the Charities FM Group for the last couple of months, your record may be out of date. 

If your contact details have changed, contact us with your new details. 

Connect via social media

We have a group on LinkedIn. You can request to join the Charities Facilities Management Group discussion group and use it to ask questions and share your news.

Keep up to date with news for charity fms - follow us on Twitter at @CharitiesFM

Moving to a new charity?

If you are changing jobs and your new charity is not a already member - tell them how to join

If you are leaving an organisation where you were the main contact for the Charities FM Group - please let us know so that we can update our records.