Charity Finance Group launches anti-fraud guide
Annette McGill

The Charity Finance Group (CFG) has published a guide to help small charities counter fraud. The CFG says hundreds of millions of pounds are being lost from charities every year due to fraud - money that charities can’t afford to lose.

The 21-page guide explains what fraud is and outlines what steps charities can protect themselves against fraud. It highlights tell-tale signs to look out for. It also offers advice on what to do if fraud has been detected, and where to report fraud when it has occurred.

The CFG has also produced a Counter Fraud Checklist which will help charities to establish (or strengthen) their counter-fraud policy. The checklist asks ten essential questions that all charities should be thinking about when working to tackle fraud.

The Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud and The Charities Counter Fraud Checklist are free to download from the CFG website.

The guide has been published to mark the 30th anniversary of the Charity Finance Group, a membership charity that promotes good practice in finance management in the voluntary sector. More than 1,350 charities are members of CFG.