Arthritis charities merge and adopt new identity


Annette McGill

Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care have announced that the name of the new charity formed by their merger will be ‘Versus Arthritis’. 

The two charities merged in November 2017. The legal merger was followed by a lengthy ‘transitional period’ during which a new identity and strategy were agreed.  

Arthritis Care had branches and groups around the UK. The organisation’s primiary aim was to help people to recognise the early signs of arthritis, get diagnosed, and manage their condition well. Arthritis Care’s branches and groups across the UK are now part of the merged charity, and all donations made will now go to Arthritis Research UK 

Arthritis Research UK had a history of investing in research and working with healthcare professionals, providing with training, advice and support. More recently they became  more focused on care and awareness, and they had also started working with the design community to fund and support designers to turn their ideas into products that help people who live with arthritis in their everyday lives.